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Kanaka thara :: The exploits of the princes Thara and Kanakasena


The drama starts with the Sri Rama Pattabhisheka (the ceremony of anoint for the new king). Sri Rama governs the kingdom Ayodhya with peace. The demons Karala and Surpanakha conspires a drama that questioning the chastity of the queen Sita since Sita spent twelve months in the capture of Ravana, the demon king.

Sri Rama, with all his principles, to behave as an ideal man, faces the agony himself by banishing his wife who was pregnant at the time.

Sita, convinced to follow the orders of her husband, leaves to the forest and gets rescue at the sage Valmiki. She gives birth to two twins named Lava and Kusha. The twin brothers brought up in the shade of sage Valmiki and master the fine arts as well as the arts of war.

Sri Rama planned to do Ashwamedha Yaga (The great ritual with a horse), as part of his kingship. The Ashwamedha Yaga requires a trained good horse to get freed. And when the horse made its path, the king had to capture the lands in the path thus to bring unity in the world.

The twin brothers capture the horse and ready to fight with the guards. The twin brothers win almost all the guards with their mastery in the art of war. At last Sri Rama comes to get back the horse thus to continue the ritual. Rama was about to start the war on the kids when he lost his patience in the argument with the kids. Then, with the unexpected turn of events, Rama learns that the twin brothers are his sons.

Sita, after leaving her sons at their father, disappears into the earth. Rama, dejected by the loss of his wife, installs his sons as the princes of Ayodhya and goes on to complete his incarnation.

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