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Surabhi Estd. 1885

-Surabhi Jayachandra Varma Group


Brahmam gari charithra

Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes

Script: Sri Malladi Venkata Krishna Sharma

Dramatization : Surabhi Jayachandra Varma


This is a story of a prophet, a great astrologer named Veera Brahmam who wrote the Kala-jniana (the wisdom of the time). The play starts with: Lord Vishnu takes incarnation as Veera Brahmam with the purpose of showing people the right path, in the age of Kalyiug. Veera Brahmam is born as the child of Paripoornacharyulu and Prakruthamba but he brought up by Veerabhojacharyulu and Veera Pavulamba in the village named Banagane Palle. Veera Brahmam spends his child hood guarding the cowherd and meditating in the hill caves, predicting future. With the passing of time, Veera Brahmam marries Govindamma and they have two sons.

Brahmam continues predicting future and showing miracles. Some people, who became envious of his powers and fame, complain to the sultan that Brahmam is cheating the people. Brahmam then goes to meet the Sultan with his Muslim disciple Siddhaiah, where he is made to go through some tests. Brahmam shows some of his miraculous acts. This makes the Sultan too to become a disciple of Veera Brahmam.

The Play dramatizes Brahmam’s miraculous acts, among which is the act of Brahmam’s preaching ‘absolute wisdom’ to Kakkadu through Kakkadu’s wife’s dead body. Siddhaiah has complete submission for his guru. So, before Brahmam takes Samadhi, he sends Siddhaiah to fetch flowers from the forest so that he is spared of the pain of separation. Later, he reappears to give his blessing to his disciple.

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